I have used La’Roc twice once for my daughters sweet 16 party and for her college open house. Everyone kept asking
Who is the DJ? He is doing a Great Job!
We had a Wonderful Event and really enjoyed ourselves and the great music!
Renee Armstead

What a great find La’Roc was for our wedding!  He came to us as  a recommendation and I truly cannot say enough about  what a wonderful find he was and what a great job he did. He worked extremely well with the wedding guests getting people on the dance floor, involving them in the evening and adding to the fun.  He ultimately helped make our evening one that everyone enjoyed and will remember. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional DJ, and a great time!
Mark & Samantha

The level of professionalism, skill and musical knowledge that La’Roc presented at our Wedding Reception, still has our guest in awe. We actually heard him play at our friend’s Reception and were stunned at how he got everyone to participate in the event and had us in stitches with some one liners. My reception was capped off with my guests not wanting to leave because they had such a good time, money well spent.
Daphne Rogers


On August 22nd of 2015, I married the wonderful woman that God has placed in my life. During the whole planning of the wedding process , I agreed to mostly everything that my soon -to -be wife wanted,except the Dj. I told her not to worry about the dj,because I already had asked LaRoc to dj the reception. But when it had gotten close to the wedding, Bridezilla kicked in. So I reached out to Dj LaRoc to talk to her and calm her nerves and he did it right then,with no problem. She was at ease after their conversation and couldn’t stop laughing . Dj LaRoc did his THANG at our reception and my wife and I really enjoyed our special day thanks to my Dj LaRoc. I already knew what he could do,but wife found out that night. Now she’s a fan and doesn’t trust any other dj but Dj LaRoc . We really appreciated your service to us. Thanks for completing our special day and everlasting memories.

Jerry George II


November 10th 2018 was my Fabulous and 50th birthday party and La’Roc made the celebration even more fabulous with his style and music.
His musical knowledge was just the right touch I needed to get my guest on their feet and on the dance floor. If there was a DJ of the year award, DJ La’Roc would be the winner.
Thank you so much for the best night ever. Everyone one young and old are still talking about the music two weeks later. The CD’s were a hit .
You have my recommendation anytime you need it. You are THE BEST!

Theresa McDonald


First and foremost, i love music. Don’t really need a TV. yes, i love music that much. So all i wanted at my 50+ birthday party was good friends, good food, good vibes/setting and GREAT music.
The ONLY DJ I wanted was DJ LaRoc. ONLY. I’ve heard him DJ a few times and it’s always fire. I sent him an invite so he’d know what my guests would see and that’s it. i DID NOT give him a list of songs. i DID NOT direct him on what to play when (beginning, dinner, after dinner, ending) or where. My only direct request was the song i wanted to enter on and he obliged. 
FAM, listen!!!! My music was the best. I loved every minute of it. My guests are still talking about the music at my party 4 days later. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE PRINCE. i never told this to LaRoc.  He had a whole Prince set. I thought my friend told him but she didn’t.  So, I’m going to assume he did his research. ???
Be clear. WORTH ??EVERY?? DOLLAR??I knew DJ LaRoc was who I needed. and, i will only use him for any event when i need music.
Thank you, LaRoc.  I will never forget my 52nd birthday. I appreciate all that you did to make it memorable.  You are a genius at what you do!!!

Demetria Hoskins Detroit, MI